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Too tattooed. What does that even mean? Since when was self expression ever 'too much'. In my humble opinion the problem with todays society would be 'not enough'. With the vast array of ways to express your personality it seems like many people are a bit afraid to do so in a way that suits them, and therefore succumb to conventional manners out of fear of being judged or subjected to ridicule. Since when did we decide that other peoples opinions of us became more important than our own? I mean, I do get it. For a long time tattoos were percieved to be something that only criminals or gangsters would get, but with the massive spike in popularity over the last decade or so that perception has greatly changed as tattoos have now become very popular and mainstream. It's hard to go to anywhere now without seeing some sort of sleeve, torso or face tattoo. So isn't it time that other industries changed their ideas of what will and won't work for their campaigns?

I, for one, am really glad that Shaun Boswell, aka 5point6 Photography, linked up with Ryan Davies-Hall, Lusy Logan, Tino Kamal, Samantha Togni and Aima Indigo to bring us this incredible set entitled 'Too Tattooed', and what a great collaboration it has proven to be. The set was born out of the fact that heavily tattooed models would often be turned away without a second glimpse due to the fact that they are deemed unsuitable, when in reality people are used to the stereotypical clean cut, smart and skinny models that companies tend to go for. I understand that for some brands that look is essential but for most it isn't. Be brave and break the mould. 

Times are changing, and if certain companies want to stay relevant then they will have to adapt and change with them. Before we know it a vast majority of the population with have some form of body modification, whether it be implants, piercings or tattoos, 

A painting is much more interesting when it's painted, a blank canvas isn't very captivating. So, following that theory, surely a body is more pleasing when it's displaying art?

To view the entire shoot click here.

'too tattooed'