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So, after having it on repeat since the moment it dropped, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ by The Baskervilles is definitely my new ‘get up and grab the day by the horns’ song.  If it fails to have you dancing around you room, still wearing your jimjams whilst your hair is still a mess then the best thing for you to do would be to go back to bed, you’re not ready for the day yet.


After leaving us wanting more since their first release, yet again the lads have delivered, and not only with the song.


The visuals for ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ are gritty, mysterious and dark, three things that always manage to captivate me. And captivate me they did. Over the, approximately, 3 million times I have watched the video I still find that each time I pick up on something new or spot something that I previously hadn’t seen. That’s what is great about The Baskervilles; they never fail to surprise. Personally I find that the disjointed manner of the video ties really well with the song itself, both

elements portray an aura of confusion, dramatics and some form of disarray, which really help to create an overall ‘personality’ for the single.

Now, moving onto the song itself. Wow. I must confess something here; I’ve never really been a huge fan of Rock music. Of course there are the songs that everyone knows, but outside of that I wouldn’t have been able to name five songs from any one band. The Baskervilles are quickly making me regret this. ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ is the perfect balance for someone like myself. It has the heavy hitting guitar rifts that make me want to let my hair down and start head banging until I hurt myself, but it also has the slower moments that impart that sense of feeling and emotion that, I believe, are critical for any song to be a hit.


If I were you I would click here, or here, or even here. Then I would hit the follow button and then all you need to do is sit back and patiently wait for when they release their next single. It’s that easy.


I promise you that it will be worth the wait.


Peace & Love,



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