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'death of a pop song'



I have something a little different to what I usually bring for you here ladies and gents, but worry not it is something you will definitely enjoy listening to. For those that haven’t heard of them, it is my pleasure to introduce you to ‘The Baskervilles’.


After spending some time travelling across the UK performing shows, finished off with a performance at a BBC Introducing Suffolk showcase, ‘The Baskervilles’ (comprising of James Betts, Aaron Lamb and brothers Blair and Callum Ferguson) decided it would be best to take a step back from the limelight and spend some well-needed time working on some new material.


That brings us to the point we are at now.


‘Death of a Pop Song’ is their first release since stepping out of the shadows and back on to the scene. With their reinvented sound and brilliant video concept the guys have really put themselves in a strong position to succeed, as long as they can maintain this high standard that is. And, I have no doubt that that is exactly what they will do.


After listening to the song pretty much on repeat since its release, I can promise you that these guys are onto something here.


Rhythm, intelligence, creativity but more importantly individuality… What more could we ask for?



Get the song here!

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Facebook - The Baskervilles Music

Twitter - @BaskervillesUK