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November 23, 2017

I don't know what his secret is but this guy just turned 30 years old. Look at him, LOOK AT HIM. I'm going to make the assumption that he bathes in the tears of angels and if that's not then reason then I just don't want to know what is. For those that don't recognise this handsome chap, his name is James Elmore and he's an aspiring model. He's shot for some of the best brands, with some of the best photographers proving his versatility time after time. From street wear to smart wear he's got it all under control, with what seems like seemingly no effort (which I'm sure isn't the case). After liaising back and forth numerous times over the months it was only right that I asked the guy a few questions and let you guys see what he had to say. With all that said, here it is...


Yo dude, how’s it going? Please give the fans a little intro to yourself.

My names James Elmore, 30 years young, and I’m from the best city in the world, Manchester.


Nice intro! So, what does a normal day consist of?

A normal working day consists of my everyday job. I’m a manager in a gym, so I also like to work out myself when I can. I play football in a 6-a-side league that we smash every week and I love a nice cold beverage most evenings ☺ (who doesn’t?).


If I’m on a shoot then the day is a little different. From having a little trim to look fresh, packing relevant clothing/footwear and travelling, to getting that blue steel look and having a laugh with everyone. Then it’s mandatory to have a post shoot beer with everyone!


Damn, either way it sounds like your days aren’t too bad. Obviously the best option would be whichever one has more beer involved! What are your top three interests?



Social events/mingling


Haha, I love that ‘mingling’ is in there. That’s a new one for sure. Who/what are your role models/inspirations?

To be honest, everyone out there doing his or her thing, putting the work in. There are so many creative & talented people out there creating some absolute magic. That inspires me to do the same. I wouldn’t put myself as someone who is in the same bracket as a lot of those who are killing it constantly, but I just do my own thing and hope people like it.


Well I think you are smashing it man. Now with the formalities out the way, let’s get into it. You seem very close to Karl from The Killing Tree, and in your insta bio it says that you’re part of the team, care to elaborate?

I have known Karl since before The Killing Tree started, when he co-owned another clothing brand but Karl wanted to take it in a new direction. I was involved in the shoot for that brand, and then when The Killing Tree started I was in the first shoot for them. Having been there from day one, Karl and I have met as much as possible to discuss new products, designs and other ventures etc. and we have the odd shoot when possible. We have been to a couple of the tattoo conventions together, and the last one I actually manned the stall for the brand myself.


The brand is getting bigger and better and there’s so much more to come from it.  Karl and his wife, Anneka, are legends and are absolutely ‘killing’ it.


Ah ok. So was that your first go at modelling or had you dabbled in it by this point already?

Ye. The first shoot I did was for Karl’s previous clothing brand. I had a bit of a different look then, a big beard and less tattoos. I really enjoyed it and loved the results and it kind of went off from there.


So what you’re saying is that we have Karl to thank for how often we get to see your handsome face then! How have you found it up to this point?

It’s been really good. There are some incredible people within the industry and I have been lucky enough to work with some great brands, photographers and models. It can also be a very tough industry, as not everyone is going to like what you do, or what you look like, but you just have to be positive and be yourself.


As mentioned, there are a lot of crazy talented people out there so it’s hard to compete when a lot of those guys are being used for a lot of the well-known brands. And why wouldn’t they be? They smash it.


Persevere brother and you’ll be competing with those guys for jobs one day, I’m sure of it. Or should I say they’d be competing with you! I know you have worked with some really awesome photographers, like Chris Beasley and Stephen Small, but who has been your favourite to work with?

To be honest, each photographer is different and has a different style not only in the final images etc, but in the way they shoot. Some mad creative vision comes out and the results are unreal. I can’t really name a favourite, there are so many. The guys you have mentioned are obviously up there, Chris Beasley and Stephan Small, plus you also have Jamie Booth, Brett Green and Ronnie Jamie Moore (who unfortunately isn’t doing brand shoots at the moment). My boy China White is a crazy photographer as well.


Believe it or not, Karl from TKT has produced some of my favourite images from shoots we have done. Man of many talents! Each one gives off different vibes and has a different vision, which gives someone like me a very diverse portfolio.


Similar question goes for brands, as mentioned you’ve shot for The Killing Tree and other brands like Nimes and Incarnate Clothing but what shoots are the most fun to be a part of?

I think it all depends on who’s there. I’ve been involved in a few big group shoots for The Killing Tree and more recently Incarnate Clothing. With the different variety of models and personalities you generally tend to have a good time, those are the ones where you can meet new people, exchange advice and create some fire images!


Ye I get that dude, the more the merrier! It’s quite obvious that tattoos are an interest of yours, which one is your favourite so far? Are there any that you regret? What has been the most painful to date? And any current plans for new ones?

I would say my chest is probably my favourite of all. It was one of my first and it’s an original from a design I had made up. It’s one of those that actually mean something. Then you get the bug and start getting random stuff everywhere!


I have a kind of broken bone tattoo on my shin that I had at a tattoo convention on the leg that I have had a knee reconstruction on. It kinda looks like a penis, so that’s probably the only one I regret.


Most painful to date has got to be my knee. I’m generally fine getting tattooed and I never tap out, I’ve had 9-hour sittings on my stomach. The knee was a new level of pain for me. Next, I need to get my other knee done (I like to be symmetrical), and then I will start on a back piece I think!


Hahaha sorry I couldn’t help but laugh. Anytime anyone has a tattoo that vaguely resembles a penis it makes my day. Don’t worry though, I have some pretty questionable ones of my own. Have there been any moments that you couldn’t believe you were a part of?

I took part in the very first Mr Manchester competition in 2015 and was a runner up, which was kinda crazy and quite surreal. The after party was nuts as it was judged by a few celebs etc. I suppose, every time someone wants to work with you is a blessing. It gives you that sense of pride that what you are doing, people are enjoying.


Is there anyone that you hope to work with, brand or photographer wise, one day?

The guys at Love Sick London I think for me would be sick to get involved in. I met the guys at an event for Old J Rum earlier this year and they are just mental. The brand itself is absolute quality and everyone involved with the brand itself are the same.

I actually know Danny and James from LSL and you’re right, they are bloody mental! This doesn’t have to be about anything in particular, but over the years what is the best piece of advice you have been given, and what is the best piece you can give?

I guess it has been to believe in yourself that you can do it and that you shouldn’t give up. There’s times when it’s quiet and you can’t see where the next shoot is coming from, especially when you are freelance, and you think about stopping. Then something can come out of nowhere and it gets you mad exposure.


I would give the same advice, keep doing you, keep your chin up and you can be whatever you want to be. You have just got to be prepared to keep on going. Yeah you will get knock backs, but it’s about getting up, dusting off and going again.


I couldn’t agree more dude. There’s too many people looking for instant success when they should just trust the long game. Where do you hope to be in a year or two?

Hopefully some more exposure, some bigger shoots and to just continue to meet more legends!


Last but by no means least, is there anything that we can expect to see from you in the near future?

I was involved in a big shoot for Incarnate Clothings new range, that’s launching very soon, so expect some new images from me and some quality new products from Incarnate.


Also, TKT are constantly releasing new clothing along with the free art prints with each tee, everyone needs to get involved. The best thing is, all the artists used are all UK based so it just shows how much talent we have.


I'm pretty sure I've seen some of the snaps from the Incarnate shoot and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more! Now, if you've read any of my previous interviews you'll know that I always finish with five quick fire questions and for you I've gone for five either or questions.


So that said...


Bread or toast?



In or out?



Going clubbing or out for dinner?



Bath or shower?



Save or Spend?

Spend! You never know when your last day is. Enjoy yourself while you can!


So that's it guys and girls. I hope you enjoyed getting to know James a bit more, I know I did! To stay up to date with what he's up to, and to see more of his handsome face, follow him on Instagram @elmstagrams.


Until next time...


Peace and love,



Images Karlos Sandor & 23rdphotos



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