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March 4, 2017

Now, there's a craze going on in america right now where you mix cold medicine with sprite and then add a few sweets to help with the taste. It goes by the names lean, sizzurp, drank and many more. Cal Caliente cottoned on to this trend the second it started and immediately saw an opportunity to start a business. That said, he is much more than just a plastic cup manufacturer. After following him for some time on Instagram he hit me up, and naturally here is where the convo went to. Here's what he had to say...


Yoooo! For those that don’t know you yet, please can you introduce yourself.

My name is Cal, I’m 26 from Southern California and now I live in San Francisco.


Can you start by telling us what a normal day for you would be like?

Wake up, hop on Instagram for a few hours, check emails, go on Worldstar and YouTube then hit the gym, make a few phone calls and maybe see what movies are playing.

Fuck man, sounds like a pretty chilled day! How do I apply for your job? Haha. What are your top three interests?

Tattoos, gym, money.


Who/what are your inspirations?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Birdman.


Interesting. Some real heavy hitters right there! Now, I know what a Slomocup is but for those reading that don’t please can you give a brief intro into the Slomocup.

Slomocup is a double cup that I invented that symbolises the culture of hip hop and the community. It's a way for people to create art and connect with one another.


I like that description man, it sounds poetic. How has the journey of building the business been so far?

Pretty cool… has ups and downs just like anything else but for sure it has a lot of perks.


When and why did you decide to venture into the world of lean accessories?

I pretty much saw a trend happening a few years back and wanted to capitalise and create something cool that people can keep but is still useful day to day as well.


Now I know that the cup has been in the hands of many celebs; Paul Wall, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne to name a few, but has there been a moment where you were shocked at how big it has become?

Yeah, when Young Thug had my cup on stage in San Francisco I was so stoked and quite shocked to be honest. 


Are there any plans to expand the business with more items?

Yeah, we got a lot of things in the works. That's top secret though!


Is Slomocup your first busniess venture? If not, what else have you dabbled in?

Yeah it's my first business! But I have now created another one. ‘Burger Media’ is a full social media management service company currently working with plastic surgeons. 


Damn! You’ve really done well for your first time round. Now, whilst I’ve got you, I have to ask about your tattoos. It’s clear that you are pretty damn covered, if not entirely, do you have plans for any new ones?

Yeah, since doing this interview I already got another one haha. 


Haha that doesn’t surprise me! Are there any that you regret/dislike?

Naa, I pretty much don't mind them.


Which one was the most painful to get?

Probably back of my neck.


Fair enough… getting the front of mine done was pretty gnarly! How was it getting your head done? I don’t think I’m brave enough to do the skull though!

Skull is only for the real ones out there. Don't do it haha. 


Before we finish up; I’m sure I won’t have been the first person to say this to you, have you ever considered modelling? Some of the pics on your Instagram are great dude, I think you’d be good at it.

Yeah, a lot of clothing brands hit me up - I want to do it more so yeah feel free to reach out!!


Awesome! I’ll spread the word dude. I know that you have had some serious success in your life but do you feel like you have ‘made it’ yet?

Naa, not yet. Still got a long way to go.


Where do you hope to be in 12 months time?

Probably in Southern California chilling.


Good plan - what can we hope to see in the near future?

I recently started another business managing social media accounts, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


Nice man, good to hear you’re branching out into other stuff too. Now to finish up we’ve got some quick-fire questions for you.


Have you ever…


…had a near death experience? Yeah. Had guns put to my head. 


…woken up and had no idea where you were or how you got there? Yeah. Xanax. Don't fuck with that shit.


…sung in front of a crowd by yourself? Yeah, I was so nervous.


…been hit on by someone who was way too old? Yeah, a 63-year-old.


…been irrationally scared of something? Yeah, kinda OCD about cleanliness. 


Any final words…


Don't get tatted. 


Instagram @calcaliente


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Images Dylan Millsap & Freddie Mac

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