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December 30, 2016

The terms 'bro' and 'brother' get thrown around a lot nowadays, but this man right here is my actual brother. Over the years I have had a front row seat to watch him grow into the man that he is today, and what a journey it has been. For a while now he has been pursuing a career as a model, and with a beard gorgeous enough to have a career of its own I don't blame him! It only seemed right to ask him a few questions, here's what he had to say...


Obviously I know who you are, but for those that don't can you please introduce yourself...

Hi, my names Connor, I’m 27, from Kent and a freelance model.


What would you say you get up to on an average day?

Well, being a part time postman and model, my days can be fairly busy as you could imagine. Most days my routine would be getting up at the crack of dawn and going off to work, get finished as quick as I can and either go off to a shoot or go and pick up my two children from school, and spend time with them having fun and being Dad.


You are definitely a family man so I know that your boys would be your main interests, but with them aside what would you say are your top three interests?

My kids definitely are the best thing in my life, so ye... they would top the list every time. That said, I really enjoy fishing and I’ve recently started going clay pigeon shooting, which I’m really getting in to. And of course tattoos.


Now, if you don't answer this question with what I want to hear we will scrap the entire interview haha. Who are your role models/inspirations?

Hahaha, you! Na, in the nicest way possible, and I know this may sound weird but, I try and be my own role model and inspiration by just doing the best I can everyday and trying to always be the best person I can be. Hopefully by doing so I will inspire others to do the same.


Ye I get that, and you do a great job of it! Now we move on to the more interesting questions. How was it that you got into modelling?

Mainly through friends who are either models or photographers. I also know a few brand owners who asked if I would be interested in shooting with them so I kind of just fell into it to be honest.


I guess your image does fit really well with what people and companies are looking for at present so I'm not surprised. You've been a part of some awesome shoots, which one has been your favourite so far?

I think I have two. The first shoot I did for my friend’s brand Paris in Cuffs, and a shoot I did with a photographer called Jon Strange. Both of those shoots were among the first I had ever been a part of so it was cool to be able to work with great people. And I think it's safe to say that the images came out great.


Growing up as kids I remember that you always hated having your photo taken, so much so that you had the exact same 'smile' in every photo. When things started to head in the direction of being a model did you still have that same discomfort?

At the beginning I felt quite nervous and awkward in front of the camera, it definitely wasn't something that came naturally for me. Unlike others, it took a bit of time to get confident in front of the camera. It was also a bit nerve-racking to be working with different people and photographers as it is something I never really imagined I would be doing at this point in my life. 


It has definitely forced you to come out of your shell a little bit, not that you were unsociable before. It doesn’t take long to realise that you love tattoos, which one is your favourite and are their any that you regret?

I don’t really have a favourite, but the most meaningful is the one on the inside of my arm, which is a dedication to my son and the condition he has called cystic fibrosis. I don’t regret any of them as I’ve never taken getting tattooed too seriously. I may have placed some differently but I don't wish I didn’t have any of them.


Also, knowing you’re pretty covered, which one hurt the most?

I am pretty heavily covered yes – personally for me the most painful was the one on the palm of my hand. I’ve got an old school candle lantern and it f*****g hurt! I won’t be getting it retouched and I don’t have any plans to get the other done either haha.


Haha you wimp! I can still remember the day that you got your very first tattoo and vowed to never get another. Now we're about 10 years down the line and it's harder to spot a gap that doesn't have ink on it. Looking towards the future, are there any brands or photographers who you hope to work?

I’m sure you have heard of a photographer called Haris Nukem, I absolutely love his work. Another guy is called Christian Korn who produces some amazing photos. I would love to work with a brand called Knot To Self, they do it all; jewellery, apparel, accessories and I love what they stand for and what the brand is about.


I think the world is starting to learn how much of a beast Haris Nukem is behind the lens. I'm pretty sure he's been mentioned in most of the interviews I have done haha. Now a question I'm sure many people have asked you or have at least wanted to ask you... How long have you been growing that epic beard?

Haha I get it almost every day. It's actually been 9 years since I last had a razor touch my cheeks but I’ve probably maintained it at this length for about 5 years now. 


Over the years you have been fortunate to meet some pretty awesome people, along the way what has been the best piece of advice you have been given? And what is the best piece you can give?

Good question, the best piece of advice I have been given is pretty boring and generic, but I would say 'keep on keeping on, never give up'. I live my life everyday striving to be better and do better. The best advice I could give to someone would probably be; love the people around you and make sure they know it because you never know when they may be gone - don’t just tell them, show them.


That's awesome man, you definitely live by that. Just two more real questions left now, I promise. Besides having your kids and partner by your side, where do you hope to be in a years time?

I would like to be able to get to a point where I can stop the 9-5 job and be modelling full time.


Last but not least, Is their anything we can keep our eyes out for in the near future?

There are a few clothing brands I’m going to be working with very soon. I can’t go into too much detail as they are yet to be released but it's looking to be awesome. Oh, and also a jewellery company. Stay tuned to my Instagram to see more on that!


Now before you leave we have five quick fire questions for you. All you have to do is pick one of the two options. Ready? Go...


Marvel or DC? Marvel.


Money or fame? Money.


Christmas or birthday? Birthday. 


Chinese or Indian takeaway? Chinese. 


Smart or happy? Happy.


Text Kiefer Horlock

Images Jon Strange, Melissa Jobson & Brandon Cross

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February 22, 2017

December 30, 2016

December 30, 2016

December 30, 2016

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