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December 30, 2016

I'm sure I don't need to introduce this guy as he is such a force to be reckoned with, but I will give you one anyway! Chris Beasley hasn't been in the game as long as some guys have but he has already managed to make a huge name for himself. Having already had the chance to shoot for several covers, and has a number of main spreads under his belt, he is proving that having years and years of experience isn't always the key to success. His journey so far has been astronomical and we couldn't wait any longer to hear what he had to say about it all up to this point. Here is how it went...


Hi Chris, can you please give us a brief introduction...

HEY. I’m Chris Beasley, aged 30 from the sunny Midlands!


What would a normal day consist of for you?

It can be super varied. Most days I am out and about shooting with somebody for something. I love to keep busy, it’s the only way to improve as a creative. At the same time, I love to take a little time out to read comics and play games! (JUDGE ME!)


It’s always good to have some down time so you don’t burn out. What are your top three interests?

Photography, music and games.


Is there anyone or anything that you would say is your inspiration?

I find inspiration in a variety of things. There are a few photographers I have to give a nod too, such as Marc Hayden and Haris Nukem. Those guys are another level to anything around. I also find a tonne of inspiration in music. I’m a super huge metal head, so a simple riff can spark something in my head (sounds daft I know), I’m just really into my music. Oh, and don’t get me started on Slipknot music videos, mind blowing stuff.


Getting inspiration from a riff is a new one! But, hey, if it works it works. Now, lets really get in to it. How did photography become a career of yours? Was it something that you picked up from a young age?

Growing up or even going through college, photography was never anything that appealed to me. I’ve essentially been a graphic designer since I was about 14. I randomly went on a photography course at Birmingham City Uni and graduated in 2009 with a BA. Then I went to Coventry Uni to study graphic design. I thought having them both would stand me in good stead for the future. (Now degrees seem irrelevant, sadly). 

My first shoot was just over two years ago for a small clothing line. It just sparked something in me, and I just wanted to give it a go. I haven’t really looked back since!


Ah that’s cool, you’ve always had a creative spark then. Your first shoot was only two years ago?! Wow. I’m really impressed with how far you have come. When did it become apparent that it would be your career?

When people actually wanted to work with me ha! In all seriousness I feel very privileged and grateful for where I’m at, at the moment. Photography is something that isn’t easy to take on as a career, so I’m super blessed in that way.  


You’ve already shot with so many recognisable faces, like Ryan Davies-Hall and Becky Holt, and have had a number of cover shots, but what has been your favourite shoot to be a part of?

I’m super thankful to both of those guys especially. Becky Holt was my second ever shoot! Ryan’s just a legend, you can’t take a bad shot of that dude. 


I can’t really pick a favourite shoot. If I HAD to choose one, it would be my first shoot with Courtney Llloyd. We had the main feature in Elite Online Magazine and it went down a treat.


I can only imagine how exciting it is to have a cover or a main feature, let alone several of them! Congratulations man. What has been the most surprising thing you have experienced through photography? Is there anything that shocked you about the industry? 

I’ll be honest, the industry can really wind me up at times. I sometimes see hurtful comments and posts on social media from models and photographers criticising others. I have no time for that, positive vibes only please! Surely we’re in this game because we love it, right? Just be grateful. 


Hell ye man, it’s about time we all encouraged each other. Their’s enough space for us all to be successful. Knowing that you have a long list of clients, are their any models or brands that you are yet to work with but one day hope to do so?

I’d love to shoot for the big guns, like Levis, DropDead, Killstar to name a few. Model wise, there are a few I’d love to work with….I shan’t name names in case I jinx it haha. I’d love to work with some more bands too, potentially work on my first music video.

That would be awesome, I love your style so it would be cool to see how that would translate to video. Have there been any moments in which you’ve had a realisation of how far you have come and what you have accomplished?

I’ve had two covers for Elite Online Magazine recently. That was awesome, and definitely made me realise I’ve come quite far in a short time. To be honest, just the caliber of models whom ask to work with me, blows me away at times.


This question must be one that you get most often but I have to ask, How do you cope with shooting models in nothing/next to nothing? Does the fact you know it’s work keep it from becoming awkward?

Ah, I get asked things like this all the time. It’s not awkward in the slightest. I love what I do and this kinda thing doesn’t faze me at all! I used to shoot a lot of glamour when I started out, so it just seems normal to me now.


Throughout your life, so this doesn’t have to relate to photography, what is the best piece of advice you have been given? And, what is the best piece that you would give?

Pretty simple really, just to do what makes me happy. I’d say that for other photographers, whether established or new starters. Follow your dreams and don’t let anybody get you down, there’s no time for negativity and bullshit in this industry.


I’d agree to that. Their is nothing better than doing what you enjoy, you look forward to every day. Having already come so far in just a couple of short years, what else do you hope to accomplish within photography?

I just want to get my name out there as much as I can. I want to be up there with the likes of Marc and Haris, whom I mentioned before. I would LOVE to run my own publication, kinda like FRONT magazine of old…but better!


I wouldn’t say you’re far off that dude! Actually, I already think you are there. You’re an incredible photographer. I know it is some way off yet but where do you hope to be in a two years?

To be honest, I haven’t thought that far ahead. I just take it as it comes - I’ll obviously still be doing the photography. I’d like to go back and do a little more design work. I have a mad passion for typography and editorial design, which would tie up nicely with the publication plan.


More importantly, is there anything that we can expect to see from you soon?

I have some pretty killer stuff lined up. I’m pretty booked up for the year, with a few bits left free for any specific projects I wanna work on. I’m just editing a bunch of shots for Small Victory Clothing, which should be out real soon. I’m gonna be teaming up with a very well known model on some awesome shoot days in the next few months. I also have my own shoot days coming up, which all sold out in a couple of days, so I’m super stoked about that!


I can’t wait to see just how your journey goes dude. You’ve mentioned that you’d like to do some video work and start your own publication so I’m excited to see that in the future.


Now to finish we have five quick fire questions. So,


Mac or PC? Mac


Eat out or take away? Eat Out


Watching or reading? Watching


Bath or shower? Shower


Football or rugby? Football


Text Kiefer Horlock

Images Chris Beasley

Models Rebecca Izod, Ana Georgiana Maria & Jessica

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December 30, 2016

December 30, 2016

December 30, 2016

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