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Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Essex rappers Wallace Rice, Alex Osiris and Dream McLean. With Tom Donovan, Cameron Morrell and Johnny Poole on instruments they come together to give us ‘Monster Florence’.


Well, what can I say that their music doesn’t say for them? As a fan of their solo work since the age of 15 or 16, I’ve had to try and contain my excitement at the fact that they’ve decided to join forces and come together as a collective. After releasing bangers like 'The Groove’ and ‘I Love You All The Time’ the guys are back with another hit in the bag. 'Resourceful’ is their newest visual in the run up to the release of their EP titled ‘Bad Gear’, and what a role their on. 


Up first on the beat is none other than Mr Rice, and he sets the tone straight out of the gate. That tone just happens to be one of mild murder and with 'The Walking Dead' back on the screen it seems that the theme for this video is perfectly timed. With Wallace starting the video laying on the floor surrounded by blood looking like he’s been possessed it doesn’t take the viewer long to get the feel of how the video is going to pan out, especially when you take in to consideration his lyrical content. 


That feeling is carried on when the camera pans to the left to introduce us to Alex Osiris. Using the same format that Wallace did to start his verse (laying down looking slightly worse for wear) he manages to continue the same gritty undertone seemingly effortlessly. His lyrics are hard hitting and if they were aimed at someone in particular I guarantee that they would feel very intimidated. And when put on top of this beat it’s such a perfect combination. If any enemies of Alex’ are reading this, keep your misses well away! No one wants that slomo video.


With probably the most recognised voice out of the three Dream comes up last in the order but he is certainly not least. Now, is it just me or is everyone freaked out by what he’s doing with his eyes at the start of his verse? It does carry on the demonic tone perfectly though so I guess it’s necessary. His unique lyric content and slightly comatose flow have definitely been carried over from his solo music, and how grateful I am for that. 


Overall, the guys take a turn toward the dark side whilst maintaining the distance necessary to absolutely dead this beat, pun intended. After watching the video about 6000 times and listening to the song another 1000 times before that, I still love the song and can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us all. Lets all just hope that ‘Bad Gear’ isn’t to far away! 


Before leaving, I have to give a special shout out some of the guys involved in creating this beast that we don’t get to see on the screen. First and foremost the director Luke Davies. He was the man to come up with the initial concept for this clash of two different styles (grimy and horror) and then had the wherewithal to complete the task to such a high standard. Two more people who deserve to be mentioned are Alex Ames and Leah Joyce, from the production company Fat Lemon, who produced this absolute banger. The three of them combined help elevate this song to a new height by giving us a visual and audio that work so well together.


Peace and love,



Regime, REGIME!




Video premiered on and supplied by SB:TV