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'48'...so far



So, ask yourself this, ‘How much can I achieve in 48hours?’ Like me you may find yourself answering that with, ‘Probably not that much - two days isn’t that long’. But alas, Monster Florence along with Foreign Beggars and a whole plethora of creatives just proved that with the right energy, state of mind and concept you can achieve a whole bunch.


‘48’ is the newest release in the ever-growing list of projects coming out of Essex from the Moflo lads, and this one is already set up to be the best yet.


The group were initially introduced to Foreign Beggars through Dream Mclean after he featured on one of their songs. Clearly, they clicked and felt the need to continue the creative process together, push their limits and see what they could create. That is where the idea for ‘48’ started to flourish. Not only did they push their own limits, they also showed the rest of the industry exactly what could be done when the right people connect.


So far we have only been blessed with 4 tracks from the LP, but all that has done has made me crave more, which is probably what they intended to do. Nice move lads.


Yet again they have upped their game and bought us something that we would never have expected. Oh, and to top of how epic this project is, all proceeds will be going to Colchester charity, Musicians Supporting The Homelessness. How bloody awesome is that?!

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Text Kiefer Horlock

I literally can't wait until the full project is released, and I've even heard that we may be seeing some visuals coming with the project too! I'm keeping everything crossed for that. For now though I'm going to continue to listen to these 4 songs over and over again.