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gun here, but I believe the band have really pushed the boundaries when it comes to the rock genre. The bar has been set for not only emerging artists but also those already established in the industry that want to maintain their status. Yes the chorus is loud and in your face, as you’d expect from a rock song, but they break up that ‘in-your-faceness’ by using some really soft melodies and James Betts’ soothing voice. How he can switch between the harsh, grittiness needed for a rock song and the soft, soothing vocals that help make the band unique so effortlessly is beyond me.


With this song and self-directed video compilation they speak on the struggles that the millennial generation face when looking into the future. Due to decisions made by the ‘elites’ of the country our future looks a lot like our weather, grey, miserable and all round a little solemn. Although the lyrics say ‘screaming peace and love with a Kalashnikov’ I’m sure that that’s not what the guys actually want us to do, so lets not take that too literal. They do however want us to stand up and be heard, something needs to be done, and it needs to happen sooner rather than later.

When I received an email from Aaron, the bassist for The Baskervilles about their new song Kalashnikov, I already knew that I would put together a review before I had even heard the song.


And I don’t regret that decision.


Kalashnikov is their third release of the year and this one is definitely my favourite. It’s hard hitting, it’s rapid fire and it’s bloody dangerous. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. I’m pretty sure I’ve already pulled a muscle head banging, at minimum I’ve lost a few brain cells that’s for sure.

For the last year or so the guys have been working in the studio with Tom Donovan, whose name you may recognise from my articles about the rap group, Monster Florence. Using his knowledge and their talent they have really shown us what can happen when creative minds collide. I don’t want to jump the 

The guys are not only creating catchy, fun songs but they are also getting a message across. They’re telling a story, and for that I will be forever grateful.


Luckily for us all The Baskervilles have a few live shows left before the year is out:


January 4th - New Cross Inn, London

January 18th - Nambucca, London

January 19th - Liverpool, Venue TBC

January 26th - V Bar, Colchester


If this year is anything to go by then next year is going to be a big one for the guys. I can’t wait to see, or should I say hear, how this journey continues.


Until next time…


Peace and love,


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