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'little death'



If you’re after something out of the ordinary then this is what you have been looking for. Ghosts Of Men have taken us to new heights of visual experience with the help of Samsung's new 360-videoing technology.


I have never experienced a 360-video in its entirety until now and I can honestly say that I bloody love it! The best way to watch it would be sat on an office chair with plenty of space around you so you can just spin around at will, and trust me there is plenty for you to keep your eye out for so be careful not to get to dizzy!


For an idea of what I mean when I say you’ll want to keep your eyes out allow me to give you a rundown of what was involved in the making of the video; 35 children’s animal masks, an oompa loompa, 2 T-rexs, 34 idiots, 4 aerial hoopers, 1 dapper horse, 2 tea ladies, 2 boxing men, a post man, 1 painting nurse, 1 whippet, Phil and, last but by no means least, Graham Harris from The Cleveland Agency.


Yeh, quite a lot huh? Have a look for yourself if you don't believe me!

The song itself deserves a ton of credit in its own right. If you fail to at least get a little head bop going when the chorus hits then I’d suggest you just stop listening to music, it’s just not for you. The gritty yet charming voice of band member Peter Clegg tricks us into to thinking he’s a changed man and then BOOM he hits us with the harsh, thunderous blast you’d expect from a jet at take off.


All in all the guys have really upped the levels for not just themselves but for the industry as a whole, all whilst gifting us with a great song. That’s one in the win column for us all!


If you love what you hear (and why wouldn’t you?) and want to hear more then here is where you can catch them performing live before the year end:

Stuart Turner Album Release, Kent – November 10th

Cosmic Puffin, Three Wise Monkeys, Colchester – November 11th

Colchester Arts Center – November 18th

Asylum, Chelmsford – December 7th

First Site, Colchester – December 8th

TWM third Birthday Bonanza, Colchester – December 16th

The White Sheaf – Banbury – December 23rd


That’s a pretty extensive list of dates so if you don’t make it to at least one of their performances then you only have yourself to blame!


Peace and love,


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Text Kiefer Horlock

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