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'be careful what you wish for'



Allow me to introduce you to a young, exciting musician who goes by the name of ‘Falling Ghost’ aka Danny Sweeney.


After spending some time as a singer/songwriter as part of a band called Sylvia, FG decided it would be best to part ways and enter the world of solo music making. His first release, titled “Be Careful What You Wish For’, is a great entry point to launch his solo career. To be honest, when I listened to the song for the first time I was complete taken aback by how soothing and graceful his voice is. Definitely not what I was expecting when I first saw what he looked like. But as the famous saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover. My bad for that one.


As part of the band, FG previously toured the UK and Europe, has been played on national radio and released two albums. Clearly, FG is not shy to what it takes to be a successful artist. With his soulful, unique voice, work ethic and passion it’s hard to envision a path that would lead him down a dead end.


The video starts with FG taking us on a small tour of Manchester, allowing us to see just enough but not too much. This ties perfectly with the song itself, he says just enough for us to understand the concept but simultaneously leaves enough to the imagination, allowing us to fill in the gaps with our own experiences. That clever trick makes the song instantly relatable because we’re able to put ourselves in his shoes, which is something that not all artists can pull off so well. I love the fact that the video is shot completely in black and white, it accents the slightly murky undertone to the song perfectly and helps to add more emotion to the overall product.

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‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ is the first release from the highly anticipated album ‘Pure O’, and if this is just a warm up for what’s to come then you can expect me to be front of the queue when the album finally drops. 



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