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Many of you probably heard this song when it first appeared on the Colors Berlin platform or when it was featured by the likes of Highsnobiety, and will probably agree that it was quite clearly a banger straight out of the gate. Now that we have been blessed with a video this has well and truly cemented it as one of the best pieces of work Che has gifted us with.


Now, the fact that he took the time to learn how to breath fire for this video shows just how dedicated he is to his craft and that he won’t settle for anything below 100%. Personally, I believe that this is one of his best all round pieces of work. From the lyrical content to the clothing that he is wearing, there are so many metaphors throughout that it’s hard to catch them all!


Essentially Che Lingo has done what he does best and that’s absolutely body it. And for that we thank him.




Produced by Jordan Elgie & Smitherz

Directed by Gerssis David & Che Lingo

Fire breather 1 Fire By E Fire breather 2 Zen Macpherson

If soulful rap is your thing then this song is for you. Even if soulful rap isn’t your thing then this song is still for you.


This song has already been added to my ‘Moody Morning’ playlist; if you fail to bop along when listening to it then there’s something wrong with you! It’s super bouncy, super vibey and importantly, super diverse. Clearly it is about empowering black women, and that’s great, but you don’t have to be a black woman to be able to relate to it. I’m a pasty ginger guy and I connect to this song, and that is the magic of Che Lingo.


If there’s one thing I can say about Che is that he is very consistent. Time after time he delivers something that is way beyond any expectation, proving that he is definitely one of the most exciting young creatives in the UK right now.


I’d keep your eyes on this guy, he is going to do big things!



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Written by Kiefer Horlock