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If you’re looking for your typical doing as they're told, sounding the same as everyone else kind of rappers then you're definitely looking in the wrong place. Monster Florence as a collective, are by far one of the most interesting and exciting acts within the music industry right now. Not only are they bringing us intelligent lyrics along with some sick instrumentals, they are also creating their own individual sound within rap. ‘Bad Gear’ proves exactly this.


Now I hate to say it, but…I TOLD YOU SO! After seeing the visuals for ‘Resourceful’ and ‘Beautiful Death’ it was inevitable that the rest of ‘Bad Gear’ was going to be immense as well.

'bad gear'



The guys have blessed us with five songs, each one with as unique of a structure, lyrical content and sound as the last. Although some of the songs sound so different to each other, each one of them plays a vital role in the overall flow of the EP. Every song is placed perfectly to compliment what came before and what comes after it, so who ever decided the structure to the body of work needs a massive shout out! The balance between gritty head boppers and slower meaningful songs is spot on. Put simply, they cater to any type of mood you may be in at any time, and what more can we ask from them than that? Other than to keep making music forever, of course.


For anyone who knew of Wallace Rice, Alex Osiris and Dream Mclean before they formed Monster Florence, you will know just how good these guys are individually, so seeing (or should I say hearing) them come together like this has been incredible. ‘Bad Gear’ is the second EP the guys have released, ‘The Groove’ being the first, and they have maintained that consistency we have all grown to expect from them. My personal favourite from the EP is track number four entitled ‘Branches’. In this song they let us into their lives a bit more, showing maybe even a little vulnerability, which helps us connect with them as people, as opposed to just musicians. That said, each one of the songs deserves to be on your iPod, it’s definitely not one of those ‘pick your favourite few and delete the rest’ situations. 


I, for one, love what they have created here and can't wait to see what they have in store for us next. 


Peace and love,


Buy 'BadGear' here https://moflo.lnk.to/IkXrP